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Policy, Advocacy & Coalitions

Policy solutions for nonprofit organizations

Leveraging public investments and improving public policy helps nonprofit organizations achieve their community vision. Jan Glick & Associates' team has led large-scale public policy initiatives supporting clients across the nonprofit sector to achieve impact.


We can help you identify and leverage policy opportunities, research and advocate on key issues, and develop coalitions that strengthen your desired community outcomes.

Public Policy Advocacy and Coalition Solutions

Our public policy advocacy solutions include:

  • Issue identification and policy strategy development.  We serve as your virtual policy advocacy support team, with a full suite of services, implementing strategy for local, state and national policy targets to achieve your organizational interests.
  • Coalition development.  Applying change management principles coupled with successful public policy leadership we help you develop powerful coalitions.
  • Advocacy. We provide policy communications materials, advocacy support, direct lobbying, and coaching – we help you address barriers and opportunities with a sophisticated approach and results.

Comparative Policy Research Solutions

  • Policy research and analysis.  With cutting edge expertise in  comparative policy analysis, we use a technology-based system, with an interactive, web-based interface, to allow you to monitor and affect policy change over time.


With over twenty years of expertise in leading policy issue campaigns, supporting organizations in developing effective policy agendas, and national expertise in creating effective policy monitoring/tracking systems, our team brings a full complement of solutions to your policy needs.

Jan Glick & Associates' principals have deep experience facilitating advocacy coalition formation, including operating agreements, that together include over 150 organizations that have been successful in significant shifts in public policy.  We are experts in comparative policy analysis and establishing policy tracking and monitoring systems.

We have worked on policy issue campaigns in multiple sectors including education, environment, health, housing, human services.

How we work with you

Our team can guide you to identify policy targets and legal and regulatory frameworks for nonprofit advocacy; utilization of tools such as logic models and power-mapping to identify strategy, partners and barriers; recommendations regarding advocacy approaches; and direct lobbying services as needed.  Our unique expertise in coalition formation includes framing and facilitating discussion of agreed-upon objectives, priorities and approaches, building sustainability and buy-in at the outset.

With early role and advocacy for policy surveillance approaches, our team can coach you in developing a surveillance system including how to develop your queries on hundreds of discrete policy questions.