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Executive Leadership

Critical management and governance skills for results-oriented strategic nonprofit organizations

Jan Glick & Associates' Executive Leadership and Executive Search solutions are designed to help build your organization's capacity. With nationally recognized expertise, we help you develop your capacity and bandwidth to respond to new opportunities, improve internal functionality, create appropriate benchmarks, and become more financially sustainable with hiring, training, coaching and supports for your specific executive leadership needs.


Our team provides rapid and efficient solutions during executive transition and nonprofit executive search, and deeper, focused approaches to strengthen overall leadership for long-term organizational sustainability.

Executive Transition Management Solutions

Jan Glick & Associates offers executive search and interim executive director placements in partnership with the Third Sector Company.   Our team helps you navigate through this critical organizational change and opportunity for organizational growth.

Executive Leadership Capacity Strengthening Solutions

Our approach, including leadership development courses and custom executive leadership coaching, helps your organization thrive.  Our solutions help you optimize your communication and interactions with your constituents and staff especially during organizational change.  We offer 3 distinct training and coaching solutions give you tools that you need:

  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • Customized executive training courses
  • 360-degree leadership evaluations.

What our clients are saying


With a national reputation for nonprofit executive search and training developed over 25 years, our team leverages our direct combined 20 years of experience leading organizations, knowledge of key trends and customized organizational assessment to deliver strategic executive placement, coaching and training services applicable across the nonprofit field.

How we work with you

Our services are unique in that they assure tailored focus on overall impact, not just a check-the-box process. Jan Glick & Associates' approaches to executive leadership are:

  • Research-based, tested for impact, and customized for nonprofit leaders
  • Grounded in direct communication style with tested recommendations to clear identified hurdles
  • Tailored to support you with the specific skills or approaches that you need to deal with your own real-world problems, not just textbook cases.
  • Designed to support organizational capacity development during leadership transition
  • Practical to allow you to grow as an individual or board of directors, with applied approaches

Our targeted approach in working with you varies depending upon the type of executive leadership engagement that you require.  We focus on transitions as an opportunity for growth - and work with your entire leadership team - both staff and board, to focus on strengthening your organization's impact for the long-term, not just a one-time action.  We develop a customized scope of work and engagement process with each client. Examples of how we work include:

  • Intensively with Executive Directors 1:1 through meetings and phone/Skype calls
  • Facilitated training and dialogue with boards of directors
  • Structured process for executive search process that highlights board governance and organizational capacity development
  • Workshop, case study and group-work based trainings with personal leadership growth planning

Data-driven Practices

We leverage hundreds of client case studies in our database to bring best practices to you each step of the way. built on the experience of training and coaching hundreds of nonprofit executives and direct leadership of 20+ organizations.  We use this data to:

  • Design an organizational assessment,
  • Develop your talent and capacity,
  • Support you to leverage entrepreneurial and growth opportunities,
  • Help you identify and put into place a new leader
  • Facilitate through change and conflict.

Approach to Executive Search

We work with your board of directors to manage the entire transition, rather than simply facilitate the search for a new Executive Director and we support you through the entire process, handling the details to allow the board to retain its governance role.  Each transition management process includes an overall organizational assessment as the foundation for the transition process.

Approach to Executive Capacity Building

  • Board Chairs Academy:  In partnership with Third Sector Company, we deliver a nationally highly-regarded and training series refined to create strong board chairs, board members and CEOs who can work more effectively with their boards.
  • One-on-one Executive Coaching: Executive directors and board leaders receive practical support to navigate change and conflict or work through organizational barriers to strengthen outcomes, based on hundreds of Jan Glick & Associates' clients.
  • Customized executive training:  Over 60 organizations from across the US have participated in our cutting-edge year-long training courses.  Customized courses can range from half a day to nine days over the course of a year.
  • 360-degree Leadership Evaluations: Based on best practice, we support your organization to conduct CEO and senior management evaluations using a 360-approach.  We also support board self-evaluation.

Executive Leadership Resources